Smart Thermal Cameras Capabilities

We have entered into an agreement with Embedded Logix to supply and install smart cameras with thermal monitoring capabilities to our existing and potential customers. These cameras provide constant evaluation of areas and equipment for potential hot spots or fire. The software installed on these cameras transmits alarms to various control centers or mobile devices. The software also helps discriminate against false or spurious alarms with an extremely high degree of accuracy based on set and learned rules.

These smart cameras are being used in a variety of industries for equipment monitoring and fire protection. The alarms can be sent to both control centers and mobile devices thereby reducing response time significantly. For example, these cameras are used in transmission and distribution substations to monitor transformers and other equipment highly susceptible to fire. The alarms can be processed and acted upon much more quickly by roving maintenance crews dispatched based on their proximity to the alarm triggering event instead of only from a central location that may be farther away.

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