Maintenance Capabilities and Outage Support

We have entered into an agreement with Jemkel Diagnostics, Inc. to provide maintenance services for power generating equipment before and during outages. These services include Predictive Maintenance using thermal and vibration equipment signatures to identify and repair operation anomalies in rotating machinery, including turbine and pumps, before catastrophic failure. We have also fixed turbines and boilers to keep outages on budget and schedule.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) combines a combination of technologies to get the most out of operating equipment. Vibration analysis provides a non-intrusive determination of a machine’s condition and can determine frequent causes of vibration, such as imbalance, misalignment, looseness, and bearing faults. The analysis of these faults allows for the planning and scheduling of repairs, therefore, avoiding production loss at critical times. Precision balancing and alignment effectively reduces vibration levels and prolongs the life of equipment components, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Thermography scans of electrical systems find issues due of dirty or loose electrical components and worn components, again preventing an electrical failure.

The outage support team consists of subject matter experts (SMEs) in project management, turbine and boiler repairs, with decades of experience in power generation. During outages, proper contractor oversight and management ensures that issues are quickly identified and properly resolved to maintain schedules, while meeting budget obligations.

Turbine managers also have years of experience with Westinghouse, GE, and others steam turbine manufacturers and have established respected relationships with each OEM. Experienced shop visits at milestones, and on-site oversight of disassembly and assembly make sure that issues are resolved as quickly as possible and schedules are met.

Boiler experts provide expertise and support throughout the outage, and are crucial at the start of the outage to ensure the most critical repairs are made to minimize future forced outages caused by tube failures. Knowledge of welding and boiler tube repairs keep tube replacement on time and within budget.

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